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ASIA PACIFIC Official Winners

Australia 2020 winner

Sarmad Saleen Akram
AU Scoot Winner
Alecia Atkinson
Winner of Aussie Prizes 2020
Camilla Clark
Winner of Prizes Aussie
Pooja Sharma
Winner of Online Tester (2020)

Australia 2019 winner

Marco Simanjaya
Scoot Winner

Australia 2018 winner

Oleksandr Shpilfogel
$1,000 cash prize

Hi again,

It was nice receving $1000 cash prize from egentic as lucky draw winner.   

Feel blessed !
Thanks !

Australia 2017 winner

Kate Moran
$10,000 cash prize from the Holidays Giveaway site
Abdul Iqbal
$2,000 cash prize

Australia 2016 winner

Maria Merhej
($500) cash
Winner of Oz Offers October 2016

Australia 2015 winner

Terina Tahere
($2,000) cash
Winner of Great Australian Voucher 2015
Dean Herrmann
Winner of Free Choice 2015